I am going to be leaving the PBC. From this moment onward, this blog is no longer active.

There are plenty more stories about Dal and her friends I’d love to share with you, but I’m leaving with my sister as an act of solidarity.

Feel free to imagine all the wonderful adventures Dalila and her friends are getting up to, but I will not be writing anymore.

Sincerely yours for the last time,


Dal’s Diary: Indecisive

November 21, Dinnertime

Hello, diary. Today at sunset, Ginger called a group meeting. We all sat around the table and Ginger explained why she wanted to talk to us all. Ginger thinks, once the weather warms up again, we should go searching for other pixies. Gloria and Buttercup agreed.

I’m not sure what to do. Raven said to get away from the camp for a reason, but how do I explain to the girls why we should stay isolated? They all trusted me enough to desert the camp entirely with no explanation, but I don’t think I can manage that this time.

So what do I do? I still have time. We’re getting into the coldest days of the year soon. It probably won’t start warming up until February at the earliest, but I know Ginger will try to push for the earliest possible start.

I think I can hold off on having them make a decision for a few more weeks, but I don’t know what I’ll do when my time runs out. I guess I get how Raven felt.

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: November 20

November 20, Mid-Morning

Hello, diary. I just realized that yesterday was the two-month anniversary of the closing! I thought of it because while I was sweeping, I found a rock that looked like the Home Tree. I showed it to Gloria, but she says she doesn’t see the resemblance. Oh well.

I finished my pair of gloves! I’m going to make a hat now. And afterwards, I’m going to tend to my garden, help Ginger with her latest invention, and then I’m going to cook dinner with Gloria!

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: November 18

November 18, Morning

Hello, diary! I’m not doing anything special today. Just knitting up more caterpillar fluff yarn. Because I’ve had such empty days, I have plenty of time to sit around and worry. Sitting around being nervous isn’t going to do anything, so today, I’m going to be busy!

I’ll sweep the floor, collect rainwater, make the beds, and even help Ginger with her next project! I won’t have time to think about anything!

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: November 14

November 14, Lunchtime

Hello, diary! We have curtains now! Buttercup and I knit up a storm last night. Ginger has our curtains hanging from some contraption right now. She fixed them so they help stop the wind.

I think I’m going to have to shear Wally again today. Other than that, the only thing I’m doing today is taking care of my garden. Pretty easy day.

I did wake up craving an orange, though! One thing I miss most from Pixie Hollow is the constant supply of fruit. I think Plum would love a plum right about now too. We’re almost out of the wild ones.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I want cheese too

Dal’s Diary: November 13

November 13, Bedtime

Hello, diary! Well, I got the window I wished for! Now I can get plenty of light for my garden. Unfortunately, this wind still hasn’t died down.

Hey, I wonder if that’s why they’re called windows! And the ow part must come from when the glass breaks and you say ow!

Ha ha. Anyway, we have tons of wind, but no glass to ow on. Buttercup and I are busy crocheting up curtains, but we can hardly see because the wind keeps putting our lanterns out. Gloria’s a big help, though.

At least the window lets me see light. The stars are so pretty tonight.

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: November 11

November 11, Early Morning

Hello diary! It’s cold and windy today. I’m wearing my poncho, a hat, and thick, sturdy boots. There are lots of clouds covering the sky. You can hardly see the sun! It’s nice having a light-talent friend on days like these.

A leg fell off Buttercup’s bed today! It was actually how we all woke up. There was a snapping noise, and then Buttercup hit the floor and yelped! Ginger’s putting it back together right now.

I’m just working on preserving more fruits and vegetables. Gloria’s running the water filter-er. It’s waaaay to windy to go outside. Trust me, Ginger went outside to get water, and she barely made it back!

After I’m done jarring, I’m going to tend to my mini-garden. I don’t think my plants are getting enough sunlight… Maybe I’ll ask Ginger if she can carve a window for me! She’s done crazier things before.

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: Clothes-Washing Machine!

November 7, Evening

Hello, diary! Ginger did it! She created a clothes-washing machine! I’ll admit, even though I was helping her, I didn’t really think it would work as well as it does.

It’s difficult to explain. It looks like a big box with a handle on each side hovering over one of our biggest pots.. You put clothes in the box, and then you and another fairy crank each of the handles. This is the hardest part. Crank too fast and the clothes will tear, crank too slow and it takes forever! Another fairy pours hot water into the top of the box while you crank. After a while, the clothes will fall into the cauldron, which will be full of hot water by now.

Ginger’s very proud of herself. I’m impressed! I wonder if you could use it to press flower petals?

Anyway, I’m just crocheting more wool now. I have my poncho, but now I want a hat! And maybe some mittens too. Caterpillar wool grows so fast! Wally looks almost ready for a shearing again!

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: New Ink

November 5, Mid-Morning

Hello, diary! I asked Buttercup to help me make ink, and she had a great idea!

She’d been saving the extra beet dye I used for my yarn. Now, I can use it for ink, and I don’t have to spend hours making new ink! It’s a bit funny colored, but there’s so much, I don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon!

Anyway, I’m going to go help Ginger. She wants to create an indoor laundry-cleaning machine. I think she’s crazy, but I don’t want to have to huddle out in the cold to clean my clothes!

Sincerely yours,


Dal’s Diary: November 4

November 4, Lunchtime

Hello, diary! I’m wearing my cozy, comfy, homemade poncho right now! I’m far away from the cave while I write this. I’m going mushroom hunting.

It rained a lot, so it’s just the right time to search for them. I’m tired of mushroom soup, though. Maybe I can convince Gloria to grill them over the fire for a change. Or, maybe throw them in with some beans? I’ll talk to her about it. She’s the cook, after all.

I’m going to get back to work. I have to gather food for four pixies and three caterpillars now!

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I’m running low on ink. I’ll have to have Buttercup help me make some more soon.